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The following outlines some of the procedures and processes that occur at Roxburgh Area School.  It has been designed to help you to gain an understanding of our school.


 Parents of students are requested to phone the office by 8.45 am to inform the school of absences. When a student is absent without the consent of a parent or caregiver, then a text message will be sent to the primary caregiver.  A prompt response is welcomed.


We would like to encourage parents to make service appointments (eg doctor, dentist) for their children outside of school hours, but we do realise this is not always possible.


 A full school assembly is scheduled every second Monday at 2.40pm.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Junior School (Year 1-8) assembly is at 9am on a Monday.


Some students travel to school by bus.  Check with the school office for bus routes and times. Parents should phone the school if children are not travelling home on the school bus.


A term calendar is published for all parents at the end of every term through our newsletter.  Please put this in a safe place.

Dental Bus    

The dates that the Dental Bus is due to be at school is published in our newsletter.  


The Junior School does a Drama Production in Term 4 each year.


A number of extra-curricular activities are offered through our school.  We encourage all students to be involved in some extra-curricular activity.

Fizzy Drinks    

In line with our Healthy Eating Policy, carbonated drinks are not to be brought to, or consumed at school.

Health Nurse    

Paula McHugh is our Health Nurse.  She visits our school on a regular basis.  Consultations with Paula can be made through the School Office.


Our homework policy has been revamped with Quality Schools in mind.  We encourage all students to undertake some extra work every night.  Recreational reading is always very useful.


Parent interviews are held in Term 1 and Term 3.  However, interviews with staff can be made at any time by contacting the School Office.


Our School Library is open to all students during school hours. 

Lost Property    

Lost property is kept outside Room 5. If your son/daughter has lost an item at school, please contact the School Office.

Lunch Orders    

These are placed in boxes outside the school office before 9.00 am on Thursdays and Fridays.  Please ensure the money is securely placed in an envelope with name, form/class, and order written on the outside.  Lunch is delivered to the school.

Lunch Passes    

Year 12 and 13 students are permitted to go into town at lunch times to purchase lunch.  They must be back at school by 1.00 pm. If other students need to go out of school at lunchtime then they must see Mr Moore or Ms Cobban for a lunch pass.


The school newsletter is published every Thursday.  A paper copy is given to the youngest member of each family.  An e-copy is also emailed to all parents. Community notices are welcome.


Reports are issued as follows:

  • Term 2 : Year 1 – Year 13 Mid-Year Reports
  • Term 3: Year 11 to 13 End of Year Reports
  • Term 4: Year 1 to 10 End of Year Reports

Slip Slop Slap    

Students are encouraged to put on sunscreen and wear hats at Roxburgh Area School.  Please support us in this.


Roxburgh Area School is a smoke-free and vape-free zone.  We ask that everyone respects this.


Our school operates two syndicates:

Mrs Deborah Darling - Junior Syndicate Leader and Assistant Principal

Donna Cobban - Senior Syndicate Leader

Vehicle Use

Senior students are permitted to bring vehicles to school only through written permission by parents.  A permission form can be obtained from the Deputy Principal.  

Zebra Crossing    

There is a crossing outside the school.  All students crossing the road are to use this.  Years 5 & 6 are our Road Patrol monitors.